Sun, 02/11/2018 - 15:25 -- Suvamn

 Dirty Suvam NayakFrom the perspective of an Indian-American Brown is dirtyIt is the closest to imperfectionLife is wasted with brown imperfectionA dirty blemish to the perfect picture of the human raceTo believe that the extraordinary feelings and minds were wasted on the brown man is a blasphemyThe same color of excrement, these imperfections are worth less than garbage To be acquainted with brown is sinful and cannot be cleansedTo love brown is worse than sin  Associate all people with color to be dirtyThese abominations deserve the respect of pets and that should be considered generousTo see the brown man fall in love is an ambiguity that needs to be addressed with hatred of the strongest proportionLike having a domestic animal romantically entangled with its ownerThat is what the brown man isWe own the brown man and its emotionsThere are no feelings behind the face of grotesque savagerySo do not dare treat it like anything humanThe brown man is not humanIt is the closest thing to odour  So treat is as such excrement  If you want to find real humor, find a brown man in love with the possibility of equalityThe dreams and the aspirations that come straight from his sad heart and his small brainFind the brown man who cries his heart outThe man who hates the world and his life because of unwarranted belief in a heavenly world that is fair and justThe man who gets laughed at by his peers for speaking up The man who contemplates his life’s worth every single dayThe man that does not understand why his feelings and appearance are repulsiveThe man who dreams of greater things every night to wake up to see rejection the next dayThe man who cannot contemplate why he is dirty yet knows that everyone else contends that he is dirtyThe man who reaches for a goal, that he believes with his heart to be, within reach but does not realize that his goal cannot be achieved past the confines of a hopeless dreamThe man who does not deserve humanity because he is dirty Brown is dirty 


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