Fade up lights 2 and 3!

We want to have a general wash on the poverty,

So the audience can see but not truly see the details of

The decaying clothes and caved in stomachs and

The heat-less homes and browning skin


Make sure to put a spotlight on Officer Greene—

No! Not like that! Like that they will

Open their eyes wide! To

Injustice not protection, of the blue uniformed



Open the curtain only when there is a

Mass shooting,

Otherwise the show would be starting every minute,

With a simple gunshot to cue it,

We don’t want our paying audience to

Get bored.


Make sure that the makeup is


Pale shades to emphasize beauty,

To emphasize the people who are clean of sin


And deserve more out of society

Of course.


Sound effect in scene 4 please,

Of a baby crying in the arms of a mother

Who can’t afford to take off any more time

At work,

But don’t make it too loud,

It’s not the main focus

of the play.


The scene change needs to be fast,

Can’t draw too much attention to

Who is really doing the backstage jobs

An audience member might

Report it.


Black out! On the wedding,

Gay rights are now solved with the supreme law

Saying so,

No problems left there

Or really anywhere.

Good show, it was a solid run. Let's do it again tommorrow.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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