Dionysus, the life of the party

     friends with all the kids

the glass is full

Constantly  swaying with a cup in his hand 

until it's no longer possible for him to stand

Yet he prances around the dance floor with glazed eyes 

taking all that is offered to him without seeing the true prize


the glass is full 


Smoke clouds the air with a sense of euphoria

People are passing around drugs and booze without a care in the world

tomorrow is not yet upon them so they live without consequences

He keeps this incessant party alive


the glass is half empty 



He is stuggling 

People are fading out

the high is what keeps him going 

it's his lifeline

the world is too quiet without a party


One last drop in the glass


The party is over 

his body craves the rave

the world and its darkness is closing in 


the glass is empty




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