Deep in the clouds where rain drops form

Like salty tears before the storm

Rays of sunshine trickle down

To reveal a dime laying on the ground.


A story unfolds by the light of day

My grandfather showing me the way

A dime, he said, is a memory

Of those in heaven watching over me.


The rushing water in the deepest cold

Took you away under its folds

I think of you from time to time

And know you’re thinking of me when I find a dime.


I think of you now more than ever

We haven’t spoken in forever

Twisted tongues lost in translation

Divided by an unreachable nation.


Today I found a familiar coin

Silver face gleaming, copper ridges joined

I picked it up and by chance

I felt you give me a loving glance.


In my pockets and in my room

Shiny pieces reflect through the gloom

It’s safe to say I’ve collected a few

And it’s safe to say I still need you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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