Everything we are,

our heart, our soul, our mind

is being deprived


Because our friends are those we dont recognize.

A group so vast in size,

but a friendship that can only be surmised.

As you sit behind the shiny screen, the glaring lights,

and look around the dead of night

only to realize

you are the only one materialized.


And you can only visualize,

what it might be like to sympathize

with someone next to you, life size.

But you are hypnotized, demonized,

if not even desensitized

by the computerized people on the other side

who publicize and popularize

everything they "see" before their eyes.

Things that you cannot even rationalize.

"But hey, it's trending world wide, right?"


Before you know it's been five hours since you lost tract of time,

all spent on this franchise

and you are surprised.

Because even after all this time,

there isn't a topic to theorize

only replies, implies

which you cannot idenify


As time runs clockwise

you begin to chastise yourself.

As you look away you can summerize, conceptualize

 the degree of loneliness to which you have arrived.

And you feel imobilized, euthinized

but to feel numb again you turn over and click that button one more time.




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