Digital Camouflage

Made up of one million pixels

You can see my flawless complexion

And vivid blue eyes and plump red lips

That don’t really exist


You can see my perfect golden curls

Rest upon my delicate shoulders

And become dazzled by my radiant white teeth

That were modified by a computer


You will only hear what i have to say

Through quotes from famous artists

But you will never hear my voice 

You will never hear my stutter


You will only ever see me from the chest up

Because the rest is arduous to camouflage

You will never see the scars and bruises

Trailing down my arms and legs


You will see who i pretend to be

But never know who I really am

And with the click of a mouse

You will like a picture of a girl who doesn’t exist

This poem is about: 



This is wonderful, I completely relate. Beautifully done!


Thank you so much! 

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