Its like I'm digging for gold but I ain't struck it yet ...Rockefeller oil man my lines are still slicker packing pounds of rhymes and building them poems like a lyrical building...line after line I'm passing out sublimeness as if it was just some candy ....hold up tell "Mandy" that its a maybe to love one is to lose others but love don't come without tending to it like a garden or a baby...hold up the things we thunk transform into the things we do its like our mind rules all so for that bad stuff we can loss a few....forcing things out like water from a well that's all dried up...people hate people until the end when they need help and they're all tied up...my rhymes up polished lines like new bronze statues...flow so sublime its like its a mirror and its looking back at you...holding the key to my heart ain't easy cuz first one must love my poems...and if they don't then I say sola sola solom that's peace my brother my sister ...I got a flow that'll carry u like a river send shivers down ur spine with each verse each line.


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