DIg To Find

I write to find myself. To figure out who I am and why I here. I write because unlike stories a poem doesn't need a pause or and exclamation. I can run freely and not be stopped. Not feel so powerless against societies rules. I write so I don't feel powerless, in my writing I am Queen, moving on uncharted territory. I feel alive and seen, like someone, someday, will feel empowered like I didn't. I write for others so they can no someone in time related to them. Like Sylvia Plath did for me. I write because it gave me a chance to just not be invisible, In four lines, I can become invincible. I can change everything from words from my brain melting together to become pure beauty. With poetry I am somebody, nobody can touch.

I'm an acquired taste really, like a fine wine. With age, I gather experience, I get better. It came out of no where really, a class project in sixth grade. I learned to bend and twist, morph words together in order to create magic. I didn't even realize it then, this natural talent that would be buried alive by the complications of life. Life, however has this plan of making fate strike us like a lighting bolt, quick fast and precise. 12th grade. It came like a train trailing at a speed where I knew it would make impact, leaving me in critical condition forcing me to live with its damage. My teacher was a poetry fanatic, props of being a author herself, or just being in AP. She pushed it on us, you'd thought it was a plague, not that the plague is awesome and something we should all rejoice about, but it was inevitable. She had us read, write, act, draw, sing poetry, and at the time I didn't understand it's importance. I didn't care. Yet, it sent me through trips and revelations. I learned where my fears came from, by writing poetry. Yes, I'm more into the writing aspect that the readings. It sound ordained but during one project I learned a fear, or at least how it started; birds. Yes I know, “Who's afraid of birds,” or “Why are you afraid of them,” but that a story for a different time, point being I knew I had this irrational fear, yet I couldn't remember why and my teacher wanted a poem on a fear. Made me dig, and when I dig, I feel like an architect, and finally I found what I was looking for.  

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