Dig deep. What do I find?
More pocket lint, but I'll be fine.
Pinched pennies equate to dimes.
A quarter for the meter maid.
Or a quarter for a minute made.
In that minute a decision is made.

Lets dig deep, deeper still. You Only Write Once.
Pen. Quill.
Papered thoughts boxed in stock, up top.
My mental filing cabinet attracts magnets.
Farming thoughts, my brain crop.
1,000 dollar scholarship gotta have it.

Deepest digging dug, you dig. Wow I'm
just a stylish kid. Swagger jacking slackers
lack that luster that a painter couldn't lacquer.
Dapper dots poked into the subtle fabric of
existence this is style, polka-dots drive me wild.
But that's my style.



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