Different Perspective

Wildlife controls the oceans. When I am out in the middle of nowhere and being completely surrounded by water I get to see all the wildlife that lives in the ocean. Jellyfish are everywhere. I don't care though because I find them fascinating to look at, even though they can be dangerous, they are extremely unique. They can't move very fast so whenever a wave comes they move with the current. When I am sitting on my board I always have to look around me after a wave comes because even if I didn't see a jellyfish one could appear. I get a different view when I am in the ocean since I live there twenty-four-seven. Some people think that I am a gross and they few are frightened by me, so they move their feet constantly. I love living in the ocean because I get to experience unknown territories every day. Sometimes it’s super scary to be me since there are people who want me dead. Other than that no one day is the same. Every morning I wake up and the scenery is completely changed. The water could be completely empty of everything since humans are around or there could be millions animals swimming around. The colors also change depending on the time of day. There are so many different sounds that are in the water. When it is a nice sunny day the water is calmer and not so loud, but when there is a rain storm all you can hear is the crashing of the waves and the crackling of thunder.


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