Different Is Perfect

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 21:51 -- ktrex9

A word full of hapiness and sorrow,

Everyone has gotten abused by it it,

Everyone has been confused it,

But everyone is still determined to be Perfect.


A 3.9 GPA

it was almost Perfect,

You dated the backup quarterback

it would have been Perfect,

You have two houses,

it could have been Perfect,

But you are different.


A boy in your AP biology class tells you you're Perfect

A comment on your instagram tells you you're Perfect

But how could you be Perfect with a learning dissabiity?


To me

Perfect is scars on your hands from being stupid in the kitchen

chipped nail polish on finals week

and a detention for talking to a new friend in Government 

Everyone is different

And everyone is 100% Perfect.





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