Different Layers of Black Skin

The different layer of black skin

See My roots run deep

deeper than the curves of my mouth 

and the width of my hips 

she slips in the room smooth as melted chocolate 

her wide eyes sliding from side to side in silence 

her brown lips are a collection of melodies 

within historical centuries 

from back home 

she sung tunes ...

you know what 

I am Aphrodite 

The African Goddess

My black is beautiful 

along the lines of divine 

and the midst of classy 

It is passionate 

It is rebellious among all negativity that surrounds it


Their are generations stemming from her roots

highlighting every strand of a black woman 


You can see that I speak for my culture 

When I tell you my black is beautiful from the kinks of my hair 

to the balm of my feet

i am a descendant of unique masterpieces 

my black beauty is powerful

It cannot be denied or contained 

when i look in the mirror 

i see the jewels across the crown of my head 

and my eyes smiling 

within the creases of my mouth


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