How can you judge someone by what you don't know, You cant see their hurt or their struggle, you don't know their pain, each laugh is like a stab to the heart, why do you want to kill someone for being diffferent, they were born with it, made a choice, made a mistake, hide what is really going on, adding to the struggle hurts more and more, you are piling bricks on their body, letting all the air out of their lungs with every word, heavier and heavier it gets, they want to scream but do not want the attention drawn to them, they are getting buried alive, there is no exit, brick after brick, it wont stop, everyday is the same, the hurt, the hate, nothing will change, just because they are different. Help remove one brick, different is unique, stand up for the weak, be a friend, the weight gets lighter, reach into that pile and pull them out, be the difference that they need, and the reason that different is actually normal. Difference is not a killer, the person who throws the brick is.


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