I wasn’t born in a position like you.

Your hair is short, shiny, luscious with a hint of golden-brown highlights.

My hair is long, dull, and black.

Your skin is soft, and ever so gentle.

My skin is rough, and worn-out.

Your clothes are new, clean, and your shoes twinkle.

My clothes are old, dirty, and my shoes have a hole on the sole of my foot.

Your parents are so happy, laughing, truly enjoying themselves on what life has to offer.

My parents are sad, crying, we may have to move again…rent was too high.

Your animals are so adorable, running around in your bright green field.

My dog passed away; we didn’t have enough money to buy him food.

Your dad had such a nice car, every year I see a new one.

My dad had to sell his rusty old truck, for me to stay in school.

Your parents get to go on a vacation every week, they must be so happy.

My mom & dad never have time to rest they are always stressed.

We’re different.

Your hair is so strong and healthy.

My hair is thin and keeps on falling.

Your tan skin gets kissed by the sun every day.

My skin is too pale, I have to hide myself under the roof.

Your school clothes have the coolest of colors.

My clothes are the same uniform every day.

My parents are always arguing, so they laugh outside hoping no one thinks wrong of them.

Your parents are always there for each other, crying and laughing together.

My animals are my only friends, I have no one else to talk to.

Your dog was lucky to have you, I wish I had a friend like you.

My dad gets really drunk on New Year’s and he yells at me for being born, so he buys a car to make himself feel better.

Your dad is always there for you supporting every step you take.

My parents are divorced from me, they don’t like to see my face, so they go on vacation, leaving me alone.

Your family loves you; they take care of you even in times of despair.

I wasn’t born in a position like you.

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Our world


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