The Difference Maker


I look in the mirror

And I am you

Pierced with pain

I’ve come unglued


Full of question

I cannot see

Full of anguish

I take a leap


He is here

Holding me

No longer losing

I am free


Peace and love

Faith and grace

I am joy

Here is my face


It is not easy

It is not free

You must surrender

You and me


Battles and wars

Will always rage

I am not perfect

I am unpaved


Never alone

I remember my creed

The Difference Maker

That is me


Patience and compassion

Love and forgiveness

Creating and teaching

Humble and selfless


Always striving

To be my best

Make it out alive

That is my quest


I look in the mirror

And I am you

Full of hope

It is truth

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What great and powerful words! Love it! 


Thought provoking and moving. Challenges everyone to stop and take a real look inside themselves. Can I be a difference maker? Who can decide?

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