the difference between the past and the present

It’s not understandable as to why we face this issue

There are little girls that are barely 10 years old

that see what's missing


And it's not too surprising to say

Racism still exists

Because the difference between the past

and the present

Doesn’t exist


It's true we're blinded by the devices

That speak louder than the words we repeat

And in our defeat

We come to face the flawed human beneath


everyone is hypnotized today

It's just not ok

she shouldn't be feeling that way


As people we have to come to a conclusion

Are we clueless or are we stupid?


Making people feel less than human


Why bother?

When you have your own hidden flaws

to face


You want to uncover the truth

well there's nothing but abuse

and less love

and more hate


And the tears they fall

And my heart grows bigger

for the people

caught in the middle of all the madness


When can we forgive?

How soon can we move past this?


Let’s move forward

And by closing that door

We can push through and unite

fight for what is right


In the world we face more problems

than the skin tone of our face

do not degrade


Let’s find peace

and create a better today


for the beautiful boys and girls



I pray

Under God

Almighty grace


That this world will stop

sending these humans

to their graves


this is not forever

our world will get better


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Our world
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