An intelligent man once told me to get an education.

An educated man once told me to save every penny, one day i might need it.

An intelligent man once told me the difference between black and white.

An educated man once told me sometimes there is no black, there is no white. That's just the easy way out.

How can I expect the white side to understand the other side? How can I expect an intelligent man to understand the educated man? The intelligent man stands before everyone, telling me to get an education. Whose going to pay for it? You?

 I feel myself melting in my plastic chair that's seated thousands of kids who have nodded to the words of that oh-so intelligent man.

"I had a dream.." said Martin Luther King Jr.

What a good man he was, said the intelligent man as his eyes scanned the room at every black man to see if he's done the right thing. 

The educated man has a dream too. That dream comes at a price. The price of war and detention. When he gets out of detention and finally reaches his dream. The intelligent man and the educated man finally meet. The intelligent man praises the other as the smile creeps out and begins to look like a horrible cartoon villan. The educated man finally leaves. The intelligent man boasts about how wonderful the educated man was. How peaceful and saintly he was.

One day I might jump out of my seat and scream at him. All that comes out is, "Is that going to be on the test?"


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