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hello rabbit as you may have concluded by now I am lost deeper than the caverns of the doldrums never before have I ever in my entire existence of since of been born ever needed to summon the spirit within me I referred to him on weekends they referenced him in business calls every once in a while when I was feeling like a Sagittarius but I'm actually more of a gym or I I just called him on the phone and I cry a lot know when you run a gravy that's a problem because you got all that lettuce and nothing to do with it and there are people that worked really hard to make that lettuce and those people are flawless those people are flawless and they had to dig orifices into the dirt and insert the seed that through labor oxygen and can produce edibles for humans and other small furry beings and when the caterpillars eat that means the birds eat and then when the birds eat that means that a really fast cat eats and then when the cat eats there's a bear that mulch the shit out of that cat and then eats it and the cats kind of fucked and out having a bad day but the cat because it got eight by a bear and the bear is like I ate some shit today I rolled around and hey I got real high and fell asleep on the bay and got a bad sunburn my luck my luck has now turned on the eaten the rabbit get high get bird and the cat in the bear and the rabbit are all flawless and together they eat books and write elastic and every once in a while they just stare at the ceiling and reflect upon turntables now spoons are interesting because you can eat soup with a spoon and you can play music with a spoon but I cannot eat soup with a guitar.

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