Did someone say Starbucks?


The cold door handle in the palm of your hands pulling the glass door towards you, opening the door. A rush of wind presses against your face , the warm feeling of finally being indoors after a chilly day of play in the snow.Upon arrival you see christmas decorations , litte snowmen on coffe mugs , red and green sparkled stars ,signs that read "Winter Drinks". Just reading those two little words brings a grin to your face already tasting that skinny pumpkin spice latte in your mouth and its warmth slowly creeping its way down your throating heating up your chilled hands from the outside .While approtching the counter a friendly yet very adorable , uniquely styled barista comes out the back room and asks"What can i get you this morning?". Already knowing what cup of joe you desire , you hesistate-still ask yourself "Or should I try something new today?"- starting at the million and some drinks on the board you see the cute little draws they made on the calkboard of snowmen and the feautred drinks.Seeing the christmas spirt reminds you of your childhood and you find yourself in a peacful , happy place .You give a smile and respond"A grande skinny pumpkin spice latte with non fat milk in a venti cup please". 

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