diary of persephone - "mama"

Mon, 09/30/2019 - 16:05 -- pcoyo

they told you i was taken.

stolen from my honey paradise

of flowers and sunshine,

dragged six feet under

and buried alive.


they told you i was forced.

those wretched seeds were chocked down my throat

chaining me against my will,

kneeling before his flaming throne.


they told you he is wicked.

blood red claws

and dripping teeth,

a kingdom of the dead and torn,

a place of broken dreams.


         oh, but mama,

         have you ever considered

         they told you lies?


i was the one 

wandering past the boundaries

and into the forbidden dark,

seeking an adventure,

sick of daisies and petal art.


and i ate those seeds,

right off his gleaming skin,

my only regret not taking more time

to cherish the way his body 

shivered under my lips...


i fell for a monster,

all shattered glass and broken bone

addicted to the pain,

but never once have my knees 

touched the floor for him.


          oh mama,

          does it scare you more

          now that you know the truth?


he's my king and i'm his queen

and of his whole kingdom

he kneels only to me.

i love him more than

you cherish the green.


they told you he took me

but mama,

let me tell my part;

the only thing he ever stole

was my heart.






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