Diamond Shine


Diamond shine

            Wondrous, exciting, grand

            Raising life to new heights

            Brilliant in form

            Unlike most who teach


            Observations are cast upon you

            Eyes never cross paths

            Rarley do we meet

            Down are yours, entralled are mine


            Funny and so much more

            Remind me of blessed people

            Subsisting in life

            Here you are


            A light, a person, a figure

            Among so many, lead the way

            Guide us few

            Via path you see wise


            Wisdom has claimed your name

            Soft and kind words reflect your voice

            Hidden is there something inside

            As all great people have


            A common thing so I found

            Do not be fearful

            Do not question

            Hearts detect others


            Like brother and sister

            Family we are

            So you glowed upon me

            Diamond shine in star lines



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