Diamond in the Rough

He called me a Diamond in the Rough.

Did this mean I am admirable,

in a beastly world?

Am I just another flower

in a concrete jungle?

Or do I depict a mirage 

on an old brick wall...

I was bothered

by the thought of my looks

overpowering my personality.

I wished for him to see passed physicality,

and peek into my mind and what it has to offer.


A Diamond in the Rough, he said

In a beastly world,

you see the beauty.

In a concrete jungle,

you have allowed yourself to bloom.

And listen, he said

on an old brick wall,

your smile, your determination,

your will to want to create a garden

in a concrete jungle is exhilirating.

To remind me that in a beastly world,

there is some beauty and humanity left.

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