Diamond Poem; I Mean My Poem


United States
32° 6' 20.5992" N, 111° 1' 19.9056" W

Diamond a rare stone;
It’s origin is not unknown
Reflecting my name and my soul.
Diamonds don’t shine they reflect vivacity
And that’s just how I work; brightness in my face to lighten,
haphazard faces around me; to lighten their load and brighten their soul.
For Diamonds its texture is its helper; For Diamante it’s my goal that brightens souls.
Diamonds are in the rough; but I am in the mist of those seeking bliss
Illness, infirmity, grief, anguish, anger, and annoyance some may wish
For me those are knotted in a unattainable, impossible grip;
For happiness is pleasurable waiting for your grip,
My face sends yours a significance.
With teeth and sentiment.
It’s yours to steal;
Joy is real!

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