The Devil Likes Reddit

A trickster that’s evil deeds never seemed to end,
Lucifer played his hand
In politics galore,
Radicalizing the youth,
Corruption among the keyboards,
He raised the stakes by
Terrorizing the minds of the innocent
And left a bitter taste of racism,
Hatred is bred in the veins.

He made a splash online
As he whispered in the ears
Of the rage-induced kids,
He chuckled as he saw his work come to fruition,
Minds clashing over a single post,
Slur after slur,
Stereotype after stereotype,
He laughed as they typed away.

An internet war in the comment section,
They exclaim, “My bias is right,
You couldn’t be more wrong
The Devil hadn’t had such fun since Eden,
He heard the shrieks of children and adults alike,
Friend vs. Friend over an opinion,
Let the heat begin, he declared.

He lurked the forums
As he picked his next victim,
When he chose the best candidate for the job,
Oh, were the results hilarious!
He would enrage regulars and trolls alike,
Once he got banned, he’d recruit another,
Hate is a full-time job
But he was just the guy for it.


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