The Devil Is A Liar

The Devil Is A Liar

The demons tell her that she is washed out,
her time has been spent,
trampling her underfoot (it's witchcraft)
as if she were nothing more than a roach,
but still she stands in silence
with an unashamed smile on her face.

They cannot understand where
she gets the nerves,
from whence is this coming from,
still the demons try to break her down,
using all their verve
to discredit her from the human race.

Her only response to them
is a nod and a smile.
When all their energy is wasted
in trying to kill her softly,
she continues to go the extra mile.
How does she manage to still
put a smile on her face?
The demons desire to snuff her life,
but a higher force
moves behind her
speaking life everyday.

This poem was written for all survivors of cancer
and other dreaded, life-threatening diseases.


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