Devil Eyes

Devil Eyes

One has turned into two

This feeling is so new

I have heard this from you


What the hell did I do

This has been going on for too long

It's like my feelings are gone

I saw you on the street

And our eyes did not meet

Just open your eyes

You'll watch my demise

You're the devil in disguise

My pain it gives you pride

I want you to leave

You have my heart on your sleeve

Why the hell won't you leave

You carry a leviathans disease

Horrors crawl under the door

My chest cavity is what they tore

Your fangs drip with liquid hate

As you said it was too late

Why the hell won't you leave

Was it because of me

Now two has turned into one

Those feelings didn't live to see the sun

I have just one request

Please put me to rest


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