Devil in Disguise: A Commentary on Pop Culture

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 01:05 -- dte94



The way we are living now is prone to always change.

A world searching for tomorrow, yet today never remains.

When the next big thing hits, and no thought enters brains

Except "I have to have it" or "I love this". Are we all going insane?

Everything we get is inane, but when it fades, we look for "who is to blame?" 


Nobody but ourselves of course!

Am I the only one not blinded by enterprise to see it's our own remorse?

These fanciful fads were once trending topics, but they swap it. Twitter:

Where most things that turn to gold, become trash and don't glitter.


Gossip, pop garbage, and Seventeen Magazines supply false expectations

For innocent teen bystanders seduced by what corrupts this nation.

This may come as a culture shock, but you don't have to live up to that reputation.

A society built upon exposure make heroes out of villains, a great transformation! 

Celebrities are leaders even if they don't know it, with followers as imitations,


Although they endorse to be yourself.

When people try to be themselves, it ends up as a variation of someone else.

 As time travels by, and the population gets less shy, some may wonder why

Not only because of the people, but the media is the real bad guy 


These so called "leaders" are bombarded with hordes of paparazzi. 

Who make them believe that they are top dog and "nobody can stop me."

It messes with their heads, with swarms of lunatic fanatics starting posses.

More like cults with perversions such as Jersey Shore or teen dramas like Degrassi.

Yet, we take after them as tanorexic fools because our skin's too blotchy.


Why do we accept this like it's so innocuous?    

Yet we are still shaken by the brazen impact, it's a shock to us!

So much shock that we don't even feel the pain, but we idly agree to fashions.

We need to start seeking out the Light, and not the camera, nor the action.


At one point in our lives, we all should come to realize

That underneath all of this tabloid trash is just the devil in disguise.


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