Detrimental Christianity

God loves everyone, but even if look or smell

Like we've sin we'll go to hell.

That sucks

Where do I begin:

Shucks I am glad you see a future for me In such a vibrant environment

But I sincerely beg thee

Not to be judged by features

I am one of the most elite creatures

If I am damned to the underworld with my friend Rene,

so be it; It's not real anyway

I love the person I am and won't quit

I am going to be something in life and personally don't give a shit

Even though I don't believe

I ocularly perceive the homo sapiens you call demon with such beauty

That you deemed would get struck by lightning or drop dead with a single beam

Why should we have to go to confession?

To watch you sharpen your knife as you here further transgressions?

Go back to your solid gold mansion

Who put you in such a paramount position

So you can schedule an appointment to give your children circumcision

Without even asking for a second opinion

Then we'll go back to our caves as slaves because that's how you see us

Animals that always misbehave

The difference between you and us

Is we have self control

We don't judge others while we're out taking a stroll

We have the audacity to kill you in your sleep

And drag you into the night 

Because it's the one thing we'll keep

But choose not to so we won't hear you plead and weep

You think we're low lives while you short lives are the real creeps

Convincing us to come to the next mass

"You know what... I'll pass"

Roaming through the streets

Like Hitler hunting The Maccabeats 

Stop spying on us with your "heavenly" drone

Why can't you people just leave us alone

Your blatant egotism and cruelty makes us want to take away our life

And you don't want to see us live so you'll give us your knife

Here me out and listen to me when I say

I'm so glad I don't come to church every Sabbath Day 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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