A Detour from Reality


United States
33° 53' 20.2452" N, 83° 58' 8.886" W

A butterfly dance on my dream,
Taking my invisible other-self onstage.
I found myself light as a feather,
Singing in the sky.

Half-awake, finding myself lost in a fantasy,
And an illusion I want to stay in.

Filled with silence in the air,
Sparking new music self-composed in my mind.
A far-away inspiration whispers in my ear.

A gift of memory-lost bestowed upon me,
I leave behind the unnecessary parts of my past.
Shredding the timeline of my mistakes to fragments,
And staying between the present and the unpredictable future.

A quiet noise empties my mind, allowing me to
Neglect the events of yesterday and tomorrow.

The inevitable disappearing,
A loop of merriest conclusions jumps in my life.
A twist of fate bring out
The ending in which I desired.

But dream doesn’t last long, nor does the illusion stay together.
The silence breaks into earsplitting sound, and needless recollections piles up.
Irreversibly, my feet take me back to reality.


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