The Destroyed Queen

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 13:32 -- JLozada

Once upon a time,

The queen was in love.

Married a king, who already

Had a daughter, Snow White.

The Queen only married,

Because it was her

Mother's dying wish.

But the queen's heart,

Belonged to another.

Years passed.

The queen forgot of her

One true love and

Lerned to love the king.

Until he died, leaving her

With Snow White.

They lived happily,

Until the queen's

One true love


She chose to run away,

Far away with him.

She snuck out to meet him,

Just to find him dead.

Snow White was there.

She saw it all, because

She told the guards of

An intruder.

The queen's heart

Darkened, with evil.

Becoming the evil queen.

Snow White's step-monster.

But everyone knows the story,

Of the evil queen and her ways

With Snow and her life.

But now you know the reason

For her wrath and thirst

For vengeance, on

Princess Snow White.


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