A Destiny Of Seasons

As I walk down the path to my destiny, Mother Nature arises and tells me to flee.

I disagree and continue my journey.

Snow starts to fall and soon a blizzard, winter laughs at me and shouts you're no

wizard. Go back home and leave the job to - me, buts in spring.

The job would be easier if you had some wings, 

and soon I am flying up high in the air, clearing my mind and losing dispear.

Then it is summer the hottest of all, the blistering sun allows me to fall; into a pool 

so icy and fresh, cleaning the sweat right off of my flesh.

Fall soon comes to play and offers me a hand, come with me she says, and you'll make

you're stand against evil and show him sublime.

 Then you can climb to the tallest of trees, and maybe just maybe you'll find your




This poem is about: 
Our world


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