Destiny: An Ode To Gjallorhorn

To the Darkness surrounding us,

You held humanity in a cage.

Now, we come after you to strike back with  vengeance.

One by one, you shall fall before our rage,

In part, due to your carelessess

By underestimating the rattling of the cage.


To the Guardians who fell at Twilight Gap,

You will never be forgotten.

As we use the Gjallorhon,

Forged from your precious armor,

We will fight back the Darkness in one fell swoop.

Despite the tales told to frighten,

Our purpose has been plain since we've been reborn:

Take back the solar system from the terror.


How are we to complete this huge undertaking?

With Gjallorhorn, of course.

Whether it's a Public Event or the Taken King,

Or the Crucible where we show our force,

Lord Shaxx not forsaking,

We'll do it all with Gjallorhorn, of course.

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