Destiny of the Broken

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 17:17 -- mzieba


United States
32° 56' 12.498" N, 111° 44' 58.3512" W

The sky is dark like an endless hole.
It opens up so I can see its gaping mouth.
I cannot see its end.
I feel its cold breath on my skin
It howls like the beast it is
The air tastes of disease
The smell is unbearable, sickly, sweet.
I feel the sound of its ongoing anthem.
Surely this is Satan, Hell…
The beast is quiet now
The monster roars again.
Perhaps this is my imagination, a hallucination, a dream.
The wind whips my face; a tree grows at the speed of sound;
My mind is blank.
“Just know, my Darling, I’ll always love you.”
The bleak sound of nothing.
I look to see the gaping hole is now like a flower in bloom.
I sink further into the shaking ground.
Perhaps someday my heart will release itself from these unforgiving chains.
The unrelenting darkness proceeds.
What’s going on? It’s changing!
The beast has found what it seeks!
“Do not be frightened, child, it has always been you,” says the tree.
The sky opens further around me,
It consumes the world I no longer understand.


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