Destiny in America

February 23rd was almost 17 years deceased 

But 2016 in America produced a false reflection of me

And Frantically 

I found myself 

Inside the glass of a man made mirror image 

Throw my skin casket 

Categorize me by my pigment 

America, Tell me 

That I'm ignant 

Tell me Black 

Equates to savagery 

Tell me I'm still a servant 

And America be the majesty 

More like

A lie filled fabricated tapestry composing the yarny compunds composing my brainwash

America wants be Brain 


Brain washed 

This systematic race got all my homies dead 

In dead last 

Cops shoot em down if they think they dashin too fast 

Injuring my freedom throw my lucid limbs in a cast 

At times I feel like the savior 

Descending in my golden sash 

Dropping knowledge on the masses waitin for the storm to pass

They muddle merk merkin the vision of my past 

The pyramids pound primitive paitings into the thought patterns of my brain 

Backwards brainwash 

America Hates my backwards brain flush 

Picassoing sacred sayings into the program of a cyclops 

I took a trip to Neptune 

Found the origins of my birthspot 

A pisces 


Like the Pixeallated 


Uncompensated Negroes

No mule or an acre 

Sent me instead as the hero 

I feel plagued as the hero cause I cant save em all 

America's Destiny for a black star is death 

I saw a black star approaching death, but I cant speak at all 

These pale skinned conquerers got a hold on my asophoghus 

America chokes me with microagression until the purple splits my crown 

America tells me 

That a cap 

And a gown 

Is all my future consists of

A career cradling capitilism benath it's wings 

The final sting of a serpent is death 

America's Destiny for a Black body like mine is death 

America slithers against my spine until it's grip is on my neck 

And If I take another step

I'm still a field slave

Yea we got pride in our race but white cop still got the trigger 

End my life in red hands with my hands up if you see my visons gettin bigger 

Cause 1. Success aint made for me 

But 2. Success is dead to me 

Cause 3. None of that matters when America already dug her grave for me 

And if America's Destiny finds me too soon like the rest of her prey

Throw my skin in a casket and write 'Hero" 

On my Epitaph


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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America's Destiny

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