From Despondency to Dreams

When the lense cannot focus

And your shoulders cannot hold up the universe

When your mind cannot control

Your mouth to speak your troubles

When there are no ears to listen

And you are forced to survive in isolation,

Will your scarred hands to pick up a pen

Will your brain to translate

Your emotions into

Thoughts and your thoughts into


Flowing cleverly

To tell your history

To share your worries

And write your fears away


Write your fears away


And when your fears have been forced aside

Replace the despondency

With dreams


Dreams you've had longings for ever since that night

When the stars shone in your eyes and you

Reflected their light.

I am itching to see what will become of your words one day.



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Poetry is always there to support me, and is what saves me like a cold drink in this season of summer. I'm grateful for this art form and my ability to hone it.

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