Despite the Clouds, I Never Saw You Coming

I remember the first day your fingers fell upon my skin

And I felt a tsunami surging behind my rib cage.

The tidal waves crashed over my heart,

Washing away the outermost layer of distrust and fear.

The way your eyes glimmered reminded me of the sun’s rays

Gently reflecting off of a calm, crystalline blue sea.

I was lost, but not alone.


The first time you grabbed my hand and held tight,

I thought my lungs would collapse,

As though your fingers were wrapped around my throat instead.

I never wanted you to let go (who knew I was so kinky).

Maybe it wasn’t the most romantic moment in existence,

But I know I felt your pulse quicken like lightning had struck

When my thumb grazed your index finger

And the next of my walls cracked right down to the foundation.


When you pulled me in and kissed me for the first time,

I was swept off my feet in a cyclone of adrenaline and lust.

Those fifteen seconds of absolute bliss felt like an eternity,

My entire body made lighter by the air you blew

Straight into my damn soul.

I felt another of my barriers crumble from that single gust.


That night as we sat in your car

And you said those words for the very first time,

The midnight sky was clear, freckled only by the stars.

Yet the world smelled damp,

As though the heavens would soon begin to weep

Over the youthful passion blossoming below.

As the delicate droplets began descending from a clear sky,

The last of my protective boundaries slowly washed away.

Your muscular arms encircled me in the tightest embrace

And I wasn’t so lost anymore.


The first time you ran out and slammed the front door,

I heard an echoing thunder in the walls.

There was no comfort to be found in the empty solitude.

Two hours later,

You were back and the storm clouds passed,

But the ocean within your eyes was murky and dark.


When you threatened to leave me the first time,

My body quivered from an earthquake within,

And each growing crack filled itself with rage.

My volcanic heart erupted with love hotter than the Sun,

I could not lose my brightest star.


The last time you said I love you,

I remember tears streaming down your soft cheeks.

I kissed each of your fingers to thank you

For touching me where my heart could feel it,

For taking hold of my fragile hand,

For kissing me and taking my breath away,

For teaching me that it’s okay to be vulnerable,

For loving me, even when you knew it would never last.


There is no storm that does not pass,

No disaster that cannot be escaped.

My fault was not in loving the rain,

But in forgetting that it was temporary.

Yet, like Hurricane Katrina,

Or the earthquake that rattled all of Japan,

Or that rain storm which lasted 40 days and 40 nights,

This beautiful, natural disaster will not be forgotten.


You are storm clouds that I will always chase,

Even when the winds are howling against me.


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