Despair and passion

I have had so many loves in my life that loved me unconditionally.

Yet others only brought me despair and made me feel not worthy.

And I deeply regret not taking a chance with any of these women that loved me passionately.

Love can be costly, but it is a price worth incurring.

I only found that out very late in my life when my youth had flown by and there was no returning.

There is not a single day that goes by that I do not think about my past loves that loved me from the heart fondly.

And as search for the truth about justice I realize I can only find peace in loving others justly.

I feel so lonely without them by my side and every time I think of them and they are not here with me I get so nostalgic and lonely.

I know i must have confidence in myself if I am to move forward in life and not walk backwards like a crab without any  destiny.

I must not let anyone put a finger to my face and tell me I am no good and then look for a shadow to blame all my problems cowardly.

Cowards do that and that isn’t me I am better than that cause I know what I am worth so I must go out there and get it surely.

True love comes only rarely as this world is not always flowers and rainbows it can be a mean and nasty world if you live to dream only.

There is no better antidote to sadness than true honesty.

My old man thought me that the best excuse for your mistakes is the honest truth because sometimes we all need help and we will end up failing if we do not ask for help but we must do it honestly.

The world  I dreams of has no hate, jealousy , lust or greed and most people have the purest love in their hearts to give each other lovingly.

I shall never forget the love of my girlfriends and specially that of my mother that thought me that true honest love is the best reason to give all you can and ask only that their honest love they be giving.

Love heals anything as it is the strongest feeling on earth even stronger than despair or fear definitely.


By Mario Fontenla.          


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