Hey baby have you seen my ghost ?

Do you think he’s in this room ?

He seems to have gone away ..

I was asking for him to stay .

Hey baby have you seen my soul ?

Hey baby let’s Roc n roll .


Baby when did I lose control ?

When did it slip away ?

Where did I place that ghost ?

I miss myself the most .

Hey if you get this post .


Yeah I’m walking all around ... it’s nowhere to be found.

Yeah There’s clowns in cars and girls in bars .

Yeah it’s been misplaced ... can you see it on my face ?


The months are like minutes and some minutes months .

I used to have a chance ... that Was once .

Ghosted by my ghost , I miss myself the most . 

Do you think he went back to that other coast ??


So you tell me as I’m in this chair ?

Doctor Doctor ... do you even care ?

I’m leaving now ... you’ll get paid the full hour .

Feeling a little  sketchy and needing a shower .


So what’s the latest reason for this change of season ?

The calendar hasn’t changed for a while . 

I’m so tangled up in this backwoods choir .

Loose wires cause fires ... getting tangled I’m my desire .



This poem is about: 
Our world


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