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We all find it hard to stand under pressing hands
Insisting we comply to unjust commands and
Urging us to supply their rusty contraband
With ways to separate us underhand
By offering our hate and lusty self-demands
In order to justify our disgusting selfishness
We freely boil and toil under the whip of self
Righteous beasts whose restlessness has gnawed
Away our very essences to feed
the mouth of a hungry society
Whose essence is to keep those down who are
Under it in segregational lies and grit
While truth and life lies beyond the rift of
Separations gaping maw whose drifting borders
Consistently order the performance of tricks
From hands who seek to gain and dormancy
From sons who work and yearn to shape their fates
In enlightened hopes to consecrate the very
Change that pressing hands may seek to depreciate
In the name of peace which means no more than
An honest lie spoken earnestly meant to disarm
Harm proceeding to alarm the deceived
Which we have received in all honesty
As trusted contributors to our enemies
Cause the human limit for tolerance
Betrays our desire for limitless hope and
Peace for ourselves and any and all who deem
It right life be so independent and
Acceptable to all and any who more than many
Are willing to accept and drop and open arms
Willing hopes to calm the storms that peace so often
Brings upon us
May Peace and Tolerance descend down on us



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