From Depth to Strength

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 20:36 -- M-E-A

The letters fly from my pen creating words I can never say

I cannot draw, or sketch, but I can paint a picture

In the minds of others through the words I string together

To produce a representation of my own sort of internal weather

The sun will shine, the rain will fall, and the wind will blow you one way or them all


These pictures create an outlet I otherwise would not be able to express

It allows me to suppress educational anxieties and work through the stress

No matter the risks I take poetry will be waiting

As a constant sort of safety net to break my fall

It stays with me through the different levels of my confidence

Through the days where I stand up straight and tall

To the days where I feel like one of millions of golfballs

On the bottom of the pond on the trickiest hole on the course


Poetry has been there for me as a way to express my writing

When it didn’t meet the expectations of the classroom

The way words are utilized in an essay

Lacks the space for emotions which poems give plenty of room

Poetry allows me to learn in unexpected ways

And allows me to push away the failures

And presents an outlet in which I am more likely to bloom

As a peer, as a student, and as a person  


Poetry will always be a part of my life, regardless if I choose to pursue it

For I don’t write for a grade, I don’t write for a score

I write for me and for the opening of different doors

If a situation arises, then I will take advantage

But I will not allow something that once allowed me to prosper

Turn more into a disadvantage


I will continue to write now and throughout college

As writing has turned from a chore into a passion

I will continue to utilize my gift in pursuit of knowledge

And always aim to encompass the emotions of my writing

From depth to strength to resilience to compassion


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