Depression is real

Sun, 11/22/2015 - 12:34 -- Soulae

Demons we all got em, voices in our head thats stronger than our own body, feel like we don’t want to exist as long as our mind still lives, control it has, it mine as well take the position of our eyes, and control our light, shit thats how we feel, sadly most give up the steering wheel, allowing their doubts, negative thoughts, bad feelings to be in rear, taking their hands off gears diving in the dead end, and they end, damn I understand how someone wouldnt want to deal, with no guidance, no light, nothing bright, just a weak mind, becoming defeated of the outside voice, telling lies melting engraving, sinking in depth, stuck in your brain, its so easy to die when you give up, when you decide to lose, when you dont fight your demons off of you, but you cant jump, you cant run, you cant stab, you cant shoot, you cant overdose, you cant hang, you cant refuse, you must use, use your heart, what do you want, let that guide you, your mind sometimes can confuse, can misdirect, thats why you have to stay prayed up, so God can oversee what you cant understand, i know its hard, i know life seems heavy on your heart, I know sometimes you feel lost, like your alone and nobody knows your story, but you, that nobody knows what you go through, you feel like you carry every bit of darkness on this light of a person that everyone sees, i know, I understand, but you have to stand, you have to be strong, you have to be honest with yourself, tell your truth to someone, just dont let depression take your life, DONT BE DEFEATED BY SUICIDE.”


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I appreciate your poem

Depression is real, but God will save you with a strong prayer life 

always have faith and trust 

Never let suicide defeat you, you're an overcomer 


Thanks for the comment. I wrote this to help someone, its not necessarily about me. Even though I been through it, I know its real and not talked about so I felt I should bare my heart in a poem about it.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

because you been through it, this is why i say never let evil defeat you

and it didn't.........then you're helping someone going through tough times shows that you have faith


Definitely... Its not easy but I also know people are going through it so its only right for me to try to help through my experiences. I appreciate your comment alot though because most would shy away from this poem because depression is such a touchy and dark topic. So thank you for just reading it alone.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

that's the problem.......people say there's a problem.....not when someone reports it......then people run away from it

its important to speak on it so there are solutions

read my poems.......i'm fearless because God gives me strength to fire away and speak from the heart

check out my work

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