Depression (Inspired by "Can't Stop Me Now" by Lecrae)

Breathin’ in, I know I’m breathin’ in;
Breathin out, I know I’m breathin’ out;
I do not seek the doubt, I’m freedom bound;
But the pain inside’s got me feelin’ down;
Please give me the love of Jesus now;
Before I lose my life, spirit out;
All my loved ones would miss me for leavin’ out.

Tryin’ to ride the wave, I cannot hide the pain;
Who can I confide in when I want to die and end;
Depression flies in quick, and then I get sick;
Pleasure seekin’ cryin’ loud, tellin’ heaven I’ll get out
What happens when I’m in doubt, God sees my high amount;
He puts me on the highest cloud, It’ll change when I announce;
I’ll never quit climbin’ out, or take the violent route;
This won’t be a silent bout, try to be wise like the Christ is now.

Depression and anxiety is no match for piety;
Sorrow, guilt, and shame inside of me;
Can die in me, inner Christ is free;
I be on a rhymin’ spree,
I’m lonely colossally, the glee is just lost in me;
Depression can go back undersea, only say this plausibly;
Because of my theology, holy spirit is the quality;
Of love, joy, kindness all in me, please stay in me solidly.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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