I fight and fight the same battles

Against the different demons,

I hold in my head.

I fight and fight, with no backup

No army

No partner,

I am alone

Fighting an enemy

That isn’t really there

I am scared and unprepared.

But I can’t talk about it, not really

Because no one can possibly

Comprehend the darkness in my mind.

not a single person is on my side

They sigh

Saying that I

Have nothing to fight

The demons are my imagination

They aren’t real.

I am making them up

They say

I am exaggerating,

But I get it

I show no battle wounds,

No real scars.

All my wounds are invisible.

They are all in my mind,

My body is clean

But my mind



Battle ground.

If you were to take a photo

I’d bet it’d look like world war three,

But not really,

Considering the battle is between

Me, myself and I.

I sigh as my friends and family

Talk as though I am crazy,

As though I am faking it all.

The pain I feel.

They say it isn’t real.

But who are they to say

That a wound in your mind hurts less

Than a cut on your skin.

You’re just making a

mountain out of a molehill

They don’t understand that I know this

I know I have nothing to be afraid of

That I know the demons aren’t real

But it feels like I am swimming,

No. It feels like I am drowning

In the thought that my mind won’t shut off

That I can’t get rid of.

And I can’t help but feel alone

Alone with the voices that hate me as much as I,

Hate myself.

I am fighting a losing battle

Against myself

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