Anger and frustration and constant manipulation

Echoing in my mind, pulsing day and night

Fed up with all the stress and trying to put it to rest

Hearing the lies inside that refuse to let me die

Anxiety and other emotions lead to frequent convulsions

There’s pain from the venomous foam,

Must make sure it isn’t shown

I have no clue why I just can’t die

Try to soothe myself with a vampire’s lullaby

Aching for this to be over just to find it passing slower

Squeezing the life out of me and causing me to bleed

Ripping at my flesh, putting me to it’s test

I offer my beseeching pleas for this malicious entity to cease

And in return,

Refusal to be free from this mind numbing penalty!

My insides ripping out while the red of wrath swarms round

Emotionally scarred as if life wasn’t already hard

The trials and tribulations begin to eat at my patience

The fire of disgrace engulfs my being forbidding me from seeing

Why life is really worth living and all that I had been missing

It’s created a living hell where my soul is sentenced to dwell

I’m ever so slowly dying, and yet I’m worthlessly trying

To escape this prison where I reside before I finally commit suicide.


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