Sat, 08/01/2020 - 12:05 -- Yanka

Four depressing walls

Though I try to fight the darkness

It consume me

You are only as happy as your least happy moment 

I am who I am

So why do I feel bad for being who I am

Be comfortable in your own skin they say

It feels foreign

How can one not belong

How can no one hear my call for help

How can the world be blinded from what I am feeling

Do as you may 

Take it all away just like you took him away from us

As the day draws closer 

The images come to life 

I relieve the moment 

You lying there motionless 

Me standing there 

Full of life yet helpless

Nothing much has changed since then

I forget only for a little while

As  the day draws nearer 

The memory floods my brain 

Life goes on 

Mine did, without you

It’s sad how my surrounding is oblivious of your existence

Just as much as they are oblivious of how I feel 

How I am feeling 



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Sometimes I look in the mirror and all I see are my shortfalls

noone is perfect 

but why am I far off from perfection 


That heartbreak is deeply sad, I hope it turns to love!


Thank you! Greatly appreciated 

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