The fire's back, wanting to play
Won't push him back, not today

Thoughts are blurring
Words are slurring

Of his free drug I will partake
Quiet and caution I forsake
I belong to him alone
He's smiling atop his throne

The words I spew,
Are they true?

Reason is quite gone
He will feast upon

All your pain and weakness
He's hidden all my meekness

I yell, fire surging.
Is he burning, purging
Something inside of me?
I guess we'll have to see!
I want you to know
This power, it makes me glow
I've let him free
He's consuming me
Possessed I am so strong
He'll be gone before too long
Could push him away.
I won't; not today.
Today this feels so fine.
This fiery demon is mine.



Come on, guys! You don't like this poem? Do you know how much time and emotion went into it? You make me sad, people :(. Actually, you don't. I love you. But I'm insecure and I want to know what you think.

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