Democratic Corruption

In the land of the free

In the home of the brave,

We are no longer

The ones who save.


When our flags burn

And our hearts despair,

We never see ourselves

As the player.


We are impersonal,

We are the greedy

But when we face the needy,

We run with no shame.


We are the free

We are the brave,

When one comes home calling

We are afraid.


We hold our pocketbook strings tighter

Than those of the heart,

We sell our souls,

To the piles of green.


We auction humanity,

We throw out values,

We redesign the law

To steal from the poor.


We are the free

We are the brave,

We would rather sell

Than seek change.


When corruption gnaws at its chains,

We only further erode

The damage that came.


Mindless destruction

Is what we encourage,

Because what is there left to change

When all is lost.


We are the free

We are the brave,

But who can we save

When destruction is our game?

This poem is about: 
My country


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