Thu, 02/08/2018 - 15:24 -- Barnana

On the Day of the Sun,
I heard Democracy talk about
Shapes and sizes,
Spite and spleen,
Color and cologne
Word and litter
Hair and lip.
I heard Democracy talk about
A grey old anarchy of mindlessness,
In the big states of various concerns
I heard Democracy blabber.

I saw Democracy wait in a corner
To carry out the prodigal act
Of sin, amidst the cloud
Of jiggering mouths, talking
In big multiplied sentences,
Upon the recorded time,
In a reluctant mind.
I saw Democracy wait in a corner,
Waiting to be called,
Waiting to be allotted a position,
Democracy waited for a purpose.

I heard Democracy patiently justify
The international community’s silence,
A silent passive assent in War.
I heard Democracy ask a question
About the Law of Freedom.

Democracy speaks of Freedom
As the finest eloquence
To get things done.
Democracy speaks to Freedom
Of 59 Tomahawk Missiles
Rushing into the Secured Nation,
Rushing for the border.

Democracy hears every idea proposed
By two occupational zones
And a buffer zone.
Democracy steps back from the cliff
And keeps a face wrapped in blue and white,
To introduce midnight demonetization.
Democracy arrives with bullet's and pellets.
Democracy arrives tied up in chains and cartilage.

Democracy looked me in the eye,
And said, “They are deceiving us,
We are relying on God.”
And Democracy relied on God
For a concentrated act of Genocide.
Democracy looked me in the eye,
And said, “To be or not to be
Is not the question;
To remain or not to remain,
But to only remain and not to be…”
I saw Democracy rely on God, as a purpose.

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My community
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Our world
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