That little triangle, seemingly innocuous

Delta, the Greek letter

Symbol of change, symbol of difference

Should represent our generation, our world.


Everything changes without stop

Progress marches forward, but one step forward, two steps back.

Bombshells fly, bullets strike, landmines shatter legs into a thousand pieces

Shattering legs like the shattered dreams of the men, women, and children.


So one step forward, two steps back,

But we should instead be dragging our shattered legs forward

Forward, onwards, past our pain and past our disappointments

And weave a new cloth of dreams from the threads of the old ones.


Same-sex marriage. A woman's right to choose. More accessible healthcare and education.

These are the dreams that we drag our stumps forward for, 

These are the things that are right HERE, right NOW. 

But only if we can make it so.


A small triangle, just sitting on the page,

Should now be the symbol of passion, effort, and the strive for something new under the sun.

As a great man once said, "Imitation is suicide,"

so let's put our hands and heads together and make a new world.


A better world.


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