Showering down on dim lit streets,
Feather hats and redder lips,
She smiles.
She smiles a smile that warms the womb,
Brings the barbaric back to sainthood,
Quells the machinery of the sky,
And strips the great walls of all fear.
Her love is crowned in laurel and raven-
You bathe all night in its glory.
She carries you through tear gassed clouds and buries you in flames.
She peels away your skin and lays you bare on hot sand.
She wraps you up in thorns and wipes away your blood tears.
She loves you.
Brass accordions herald purple sunsets,
Music fountains summon my stoned angels.
We watch as you walk through the waterfall barren, and in love.
Mischievous grins we raise one note and the flood gates close
Powdered gold falls onto your eyelashes and she appears before you silver.
She cries rose petals
She dances silk
She bleeds sunshine.
She laughs chains
She walks pistols
She writes rust.
Delilah, my love!
She plays fire
She sings war
She smiles curses.
But, accursed love keeps us all aloft. 


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